Microsoft congregates it's ads under one flag Microsoft Advertising

Exactly two months ago Microsoft sent me an email introducing it’s new branding called “Microsoft Advertising” (note that the page is presently erroring out).  Personally I think the new branding is a step forward, as I never cared for “AdCenter”.  But the really interesting parts of the e-mail was the brief mention to a host of products I’ve never heard about.  As with their ongoing issues, let us see if Microsoft can get the execution right.

Atlas is their rich media advertising.  I’m guessing this means flash and silverlight ads, and probably focusing on banners.

DrivePM, according to their website, is more about a full marketing program including e-mail and demographics.

Live Search Cashback is a consumer oriented service that gives cash back for purchases made through their product comparison search engine.  Think of it as Pricegrabber, but produced by Microsoft.

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