Steven Curtis Chapman & Adoption & my story

I’m sitting here in my hotel room, waiting for my son Ethan to wake so we might finish our 2 day drive to San Antonio.  Only a few minutes after my last posting about Steven Curtis Chapman did a CNN news alert come across my desktop concerning their adoption work.  Note that he’ll also be on Larry King Live tonight.

I supposed I had hoped to save this post for another day, but it seems as if God wants it today.  Many of my friends know that I’m adopted, but very few know the story.

Born in South Korea, I was given up for adoption at an early age.  My biological father was loving enough to want me to go to American family.  And as the story goes, there was a visiting American pastor that was so touched by the Korean people that he wanted to adopt a child.  So the resident missionary brought the pastor to an orphanage, where I was at.  It’s said that for the very first time, I walked right up and sat in their laps, having always cried.

My first memories are of spending time with the missionary family and my foster parents in Korea, waiting to go see the pastor in California, who was to be my new father.  God would intervene though.  My “to be” mother would not be kind, to the point where I was in an unsafe place.

Amazingly enough, in a twist of God’s weird fate, it is now the missionary family that I now call mom & dad.  And while my childhood hasn’t been perfect, I’m thankful for where God has brought me to.  Now I have my own son, Ethan, that I can share how great God has been in my life.  He’s about to meet his 2nd cousin for the first time.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know another adopted Korean, Mike.  Mike is a colleague at a customer of mine, and it’s been fantastic to know another like me.  Someone that I can call a true friend.

So now we come back to the story of Steven Curtis Chapman and the fantastic work he’s done setting up an adoption help agency.

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