DAX calculation for local time versus UTC

DAX is Microsoft’s powerful language behind Excel and Power BI.  Very few users of Excel know that you can utilize it, but it’s predominately available in one of the most underutilized features called PowerPivot.  Fortunately DAX is used also in Power BI and while creating a report for use by a customer I needed to translate log times from local time and compare it to UTC time.

Problem: Our logs store the date and time in the local Central Standard Time Zone (CST).  Everything works great locally, where I have my PC set to CST.  However when I publish my report to Power BI, they use UTC time, and for 6 hours today’s data becomes completely unavailable.

Reason: CST is Universal Time minus 6 hours (depending on daylight savings time).  So at 6pm CST today, it becomes 12am UTC tomorrow.

Solution: Here’s the formula I used

Today = IF(DATE(YEAR([CreatedTime]),MONTH([CreatedTime]),DAY([CreatedTime])) = NOW() – TIME(6,0,0), TRUE, FALSE)

We have to remove the time from my data ([CreatedTime]), then take the current Date and time, and subtract 6 hours.  If the Date matches, then we know it’s today.

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