Free Partner Training - Windows Server 2008 for Developers

As I’ve mentioned countless number of times, one of the best benefits of the Partner Program is training.  In this case it’s free training.  Two days full of instructor led training for free, however right now it’s only in 3 cities.

Topics covered:

PowerShell and MMC 3.0
Software Licensing and Protection Services (SLP Services) - one of the more interesting topics rarely heard about
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) or WWF (Windows Workflow Foundation)

Dates are as follows: (whomever in the world picked these locations should be flogged, note that there is no southern city)

1/29 - 1/30/2008 @ Downers Grove, IL

2/12 - 2/13/2008 @ Waltham, MA

2/21 - 2/22/2008 @ San Francisco, CA

More details can be found at

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