Power of social computing, new school viral vs old school

Power of social computing, new school viral vs old school

Social computing, while not a new phenomenon, has had a huge push in the past couple years.  Gone is the day of MySpace, and the new kid on the block is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (Honorable mention to Plaxo, who needs to find their niche a bit better other than contact synching).  Here are three different stories that have impacted me in the last week concerning social computing.

Today David O’Hara brought up the subject of why he had more Twitter followers than RSS followers.  My theory is Twitter is much more viral than blogging.  Over the past several years, blogs has been instrumental in bringing corporations and political candidates to it’s knees.  But much like how SMS / text messaging is simple, easy and quick, anyone can see who you are following and replying to in Twitter.  Plus get it sent to them via SMS / text messaging.  (an example of virility is when text messaging has aided civil revolts)

Earlier in the week, one of the local chain Pizza restaurants that I frequent listed in their newsletter that they wanted to hire someone to maintain their Facebook and MySpace accounts.  They noted that a similar business had hired a teenager who was making over $800/mo doing the work for multiple accounts.

Two days ago I was arguing with Dell’s Financial Services about how they have had the wrong address for the past 2 years and every attempt to change it, has been thwarted by bad customer service.

So what did I do?  I twittered / tweeted about how frustrated I was.  Below is an e-mail I received the following day, proclaiming how social computing has been taken to the next level:

To: Randy Walker

Subject: I saw your post on Twitter

Mr. Walker,

My name is Debbie and I am located at Dell Headquarters in Texas. I read your post and would like to help Dell Financial Services correct your address. I apologize for the difficulties you have experienced up to the point. If you would like my assistance please feel free to email me with your Dell order number. I am happy to assist in any way I can.



Dell Customer Advocate

Email: Debbie@Dell.Com

Needless to say I was completely shocked.  I followed up asking if it was an automated task, and I received another response:

I’m glad to hear you address is updated correctly. My outreach to you is not automated. I don’t specifically monitor twitter but my team does search blogs and forums by people like yourself who may need assistance from Dell.

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