MSDN access changed for Microsoft Partners

MSDN access changed for Microsoft Partners

As of March 1st, 2008 Microsoft will force you to use the new way to access your MSDN subscription.  This is terrific news!  Since I have 3 people access MSDN from remote locations (out of my 5 user license), we’ve all had to sign into MSDN from a common Live id.  Microsoft is now requiring you to setup in the Partner management website 3 different technical contacts.  Once you setup those 3 different technical contacts ( they can then associate their Live id with their MSDN account.

This is great news because I would always have to sign out, then sign into the common MSDN user account in order to access subscription benefits.

So the question is, what do I do when I need to add 2 more people to access MSDN, which is part of my Partner MSDN 5 license benefits?  When or if I find out, I’ll try and let you know.  Perhaps one of you can help enlighten me.

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