Go visit the Visual Basic Product Team at TechEd!

It was this time last year at TechEd that Cory Smith introduced me to the Visual Basic product team.  He first introduced me to Ed Hickey, who is the VB MVP Lead at Microsoft.  The funny story about Ed is, less than a week after Ed awarded me the MVP status, he transfers out.  I knew I was hard to work with, but didn’t realize I was …. that …. difficult.

Also last year at TechEd 2007, Cory let me hang out with him at Universal Studios where I rubbed elbows with the Visual Basic product team!  He’s really been a great mentor to me, and I’m very grateful.

All this is to say, go visit the Visual Basic Product Team website and meet some of the product team.  They are all very accessible and have always been very friendly.  If you’re at TechEd 2008 this year, stop by the Visual Basic booth.  Amanda Silver is one of the most visible team members (and very easy on the eyes), so go strike up a conversation.

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