MVP Summit, Being Busy, plus Presenting @ the Little Rock .Net User Group

I suppose I was naive in thinking that once I received my Microsoft MVP award, I could breathe a bit.  But we’ve had sooo much Developer Community activity, I haven’t had a chance to breathe, much less blog.  I still haven’t had an opportunity to blog about the MVP Summit!  Needless to say, the MVP Summit was a blast (other than having a digestive track illness, where I missed the last day’s keynotes).  The best thing about the Summit was the ability to meet and talk directly with the product teams.

You really get the sense of the ability to impact .Net by being an MVP!

On June 12, 2008 I’ll be at the Little Rock .Net User Group, and I hope you can join me.  I’ll be speaking on SQL Server Reporting Services.  Unfortunately, due to the late notice, I’ll be speaking on the same subject that I presented at the Tech Expo (had hoped to prep some other topics by now).  But, I’ll have more time to answer questions and hopefully get a bit more detailed on the subject.

Congrats to the new officers there at Little Rock.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the content:

One of the hardest parts of learning a technology that is new to you, is getting started.  Join us as you learn the tips, tricks, and fundamentals of Microsoft’s SQL Server Reporting Services.  Avoid those common mistakes and get up and running with SSRS in this presentation from Randy Walker, a 12 year veteran of report design.

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Randy is an entrepreneur, software developer, amateur photographer, speaker and influencer.

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