Steven Curtis Chapman shares, as do I

It’s never been an easy thing for me to share my faith, so a big thanks to someone special for sharing their intensity, their light with me.

I’ve only ever allowed one person to look at my music collection in it’s entirety.  Had you been allowed that rare glimpse, you’d be struck at how varied and eclectic my tastes are.  But since being a teenager, the one artist that has always stuck out was Steven Curtis Chapman.  Being my favorite amongst artist like Styx, Default, Beastie Boys, Crystal Method, Josh Groban, PM Dawn, and even Kelly Clarkson (yeah I’ve already gotten teased b4) isn’t an easy task.

I suppose the reason is because he is so down to earth.  He’s not an artsy guy.  He’s the guy you go to church with, the guy that you see driving his old Chevy truck down the dirt road.  He’s the neighbor next door.  If you’ve ever listened to his songs, you would instantly know the man.  Who he is, what he is.

The most impressive thing I’ve noticed is his love for his wife.  No more evident than in his lyrics.  “I will be here for you” is one of the most popular, and my personal favorite “Carry you to Jesus”.  What greater love for a spouse could be found?

So it was with great sadness when I heard the tragedy surrounding his daughter’s passing a few months ago.  Recently the family shared their experience on Good Morning America (seen below).

I cannot imagine the grief and difficulty the Chapman parents faced.  Struggling with the loss of their daughter, while having to comfort and encourage their son.  It’s unimaginable.  It’s something that I think only Godly, Christ like parents could have endured, and endured with such grace.  Something I hope I could emulate in my own life.  Something I hope each of you could learn by their example.

So my thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the Chapman family,

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