INETA Board of Directors Conference Call

I’m currently on my first INETA Board of Directors Conference Call and I thought I’d keep people updated on what’s going on, as there’s some really good stuff being discussed.  I know one of the perception problems, is that INETA is a black hole, which is on the top of my list to help change, and hopefully by doing this, that perception will change.

If you’d like to write content for the various code magazines, there are opportunities for you!

Community Night (aka Birds of a Feather) at TechEd is going to be a huge component of the event, with lots of free food and drink.  Supposedly it might replace the Attendee Party.  We’ll be looking for hosts (to help out with the logistics), and who knows, you may get a few perks for being a host.  TechEd attendance numbers are down, which is to be expected in this economy.

There is a Board of Director’s meeting in Raleigh Durham, NC (we’ll be on campus during tournament time, which is where our hotel is).  Please be sure to post / e-mail the topics that you’d like covered.

Overall, the call went well and the only concerns I had is with some legal documents, which will be discussed during the Board meeting.

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