A proud Influencer (I’m giving a $10k+ Prize Giveaway)

Fair warning, I’m combining several blog posts into one.

As a father, there’s nothing that makes you more proud than to see your son take his first steps, say daddy for the first time, or catch his first ball.  In my professional career I’m extremely proud of the accomplishments my peers have been making.  These are the people I’ve been working with and helping their professional community efforts, and while I like to think I helped them in some way, truth be told, they entirely did the work on their own and wholeheartedly earned their award.

Most recently, the following people have been recognized for their efforts:

Julie Yack – Microsoft MVP Award & INETA Community Champions Award

Becky Isserman – INETA Community Champions Award

Tim Tyrrell – INETA Community Champions Award

Brandon King – INETA Community Champions Award

This weekend, April 25th 2009, will be the first Northwest Arkansas Code Camp, organized by Jason Vogel and the NWA .Net User Group.  If I haven’t met you, please come by and say hi.  I’ll be manning the registration desk all day and I will be giving away a Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) software package valued at over $10,000, which includes almost all of Microsoft’s software.Be sure and get there early, I hear the iPhone session will be well attended.  More information can be found at http://codecamp.nwadnug.org/

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